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Why WOBL Fans?

WOBL Fans is a NFT collection uniting the spirit of football fans, communities and collectors. A meeting of Algorand, football and NFTs for the biggest sporting event on the globe, the World Cup 2022.

How does it work?

Getting started with WOBL Fans:

1. Jersey
To get involved you must first mint a jersey. You have the option of minting a numbered or unnumbered jersey for the country of your choice.

Note: This is the primary NFT purchase.

Numbered jerseys are limited to one mint for each number (1-26) per team. You can purchase a specific number or try your luck by purchasing a randomly assigned number. Both depend on which numbers are still available.

Unnumbered jerseys are unlimited for each country, no-one misses out, and you will be able to select the country of your choice.

2. Customiser™
If you are a jersey holder (own the NFT) you gain access to the Customiser™ where you can customise the look of your fan.

Within the Customiser™ you can assign traits before finally saving the changes. Once your changes are saved the final version is represented in your wallet.

See more details about the Customiser™ below.

Note: This is a one-time action and currently can't be undone. We may look to unlock additional customisation in the future, meaning you can trade your fan knowing it can be modified.

3. Rewards
All fans are eligible for rewards. See additional details on rewards below.

WOBL Rewards
More details on rewards can be found here
How is WOBL Fans different?

While other projects have released their spin on World Cup related artwork, we're experimenting with additional components.

Firstly, owners of numbered jerseys are eligible to unlock achievements that relate to statistics throughout the tournament. At the closing of the tournament each achievement earned becomes and entry into our reward lottery. See more in "How does it work?"

Secondly, we're releasing a mix of game-related and Algorand-specific content throughout the tournament to highlight facts, statistics and on-going achivement unlocks.

Lastly, your NFT is customisable. And that's just awesome.

What is the Customiser™?

The Customiser™ is our unique tool that allows you to configure your FAN in limited but interesting ways. Make it look like you, like a player, or just a wobbly ciziten. It features settings for base tone, hair style, hair colour, facial hair style, facial hair color and bling.

What are the minting dates?

Whitelist minting begins 22nd Nov at 2pm EST.

Public minting begins 24th Nov at 5pm EST

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